Servant Leader, Community Activist

Professional Leaders of Women and Girls

Vanguard Educational Services


Dr. Toni offers a variety of Mentoring, Consulting, Seminars, Workshops, Courses, Community Outreach, and Educational Research assistance. 

VES seeks to:

  • Close the Generational Gap between youth, their families and their communities.
  • Provide educational enrichment about the rich history and culture of African American people.
  • Enhance the Quality of Life for families by offering skill/will workshops and programs.
  • Address the problem of crimes and violence  in the black communities specifically against women and girls.
  • Establish community infrastruture that develop and maintain positive and stable relationships between mothers and daughters, fathers and sons.


      Elementary & Middle School Tutoring (After-school Programs)

      Mentoring, Social and Academic Support for Home School Parents & Children 

      Distance Learning Seminars & Courses for High School/Early College  

      Marriage & Family Development Training


                                                  Ag in the Class

                                                  Peer to Peer Mentoring Programs

                                                  Presentations on Will Skill Topics                        


                                    Coordination of Specialized Youth Projects & Programs

                                    Self-Esteem & Self Awarness Orientation Girls & Women

    Program Advisement & Assessment


                                       Wholistic Health and Well-being Cooperative Programs & Events

                                      Cultural Celebrations & Expressions